Paths, Lines, Planes & More

Club Path
Hand Path
Hip Path (center, right, left)
Chest Path (center, right, left)
Target Line
Spine Angle
Shoulder Line
Hip Line
Club Line
Functional Swing Plane
Club Head Speed
Shaft Rotation
Reference Spots and Snap To Lines

Comparison View

Compare Swings
Overlay or Side by Side
Compare all Data, Graphs, Paths, etc.

Powerful Full Body and Club 3D Motion Capture

3D visualization, data, graphs, angular velocities, and much more.

Swing comparisons and even acceleration vectors!

Scale to your height or even specific bone lengths for increased accuracy. 


Kinematic Sequence
Pelvis Lift, Sway, Thrust
Pelvis Rotation, Side Tilt, Posterior / Anterior Tilt
Chest Rotation, Side Tilt, Posterior / Anterior Tilt
Wrist Graph:  

Extension / Flexion
Radial / Ulnar
Supination / Pronation

Lag Graph: Angle between lead arm and club
X Factor, X Factor Delta
Lead Arm Adduction
Knee bend, Elbow bend and more...

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