Ryan is a great teacher. I would recommend him if you want a great golf instructor.  I will also be working with him to improve my game every year. I have worked with many instructors and so far he is the best!!

Ryan keeps his lessons fun and simple, the swing changes were fast and showed me how to be more consistent with my ball striking!!! I always like to have Ryan work with me in the spring to get me on track for the season.

Ryan helped me hit my driver straight and far. It was very exciting to be able to see myself and to have him show me my faults on video.  

Ryan is a very patient teacher. I am a beginner golfer and he helped me learn the basics of a golf swing. He made the lesson fun, easy, and interesting.

I have a testimonial about Ryan Bonser. I think he is the best. I have had several teachers in 14 years and nobody has helped me out as much as he has. I think he is the greatest teacher I have had and won't go to anyone else for lessons. He knows my game like the back of my hand. If I have a problem I can go to him and he can tell me what's wrong. I recently had a putting problem and he said one thing that I should do and I went to it and it was fixed. It was as simple as changing the size of my grip. I recommend him to anyone that loves golf and you won't regret it. Get a lesson with him and you won't go to anyone else.

My name is Ronald Stockfleth and I have been a student of Ryan Bonser, PGA Teaching Professional, since April of this year. I highly recommend Ryan's approach to helping golfers improve their games, and hope you will consider him as teacher of the year.


I am 64 years old and have been playing golf for over 50 years. I currently play around 200 rounds per golf season in Minnesota. I have been "stuck" at a 10 handicap for the past 10 years, but after working with Ryan the past 5 months, I have reduced my handicap to a 6, and I am confident that I will continue to improve under Ryan's tutelage.


Ryan offers a plan of instruction where he charges a very affordable fee for the season for which the student receives an hour of instruction each week for the entire golf season. Plus he throws in a playing lesson every 4 to 5 weeks. This approach allows Ryan to teach and the student to learn all aspects of the game in small, digestible chunks, with each lesson building on the previous lessons.


We first started working on 30 to 50 yard pitch shots around the green with the focus on making solid contact with the ball first, ground second. We next moved on to bunker play, the weakest part of my game. After incorporating his suggestions, my bunker play has become serviceable and I now enjoy practicing this part of the game. We then moved on to chipping and putting. All of this work on my short game has been the primary reason for the improvement in my handicap. The playing lesson has actually got me thinking about what I am trying to do out on the golf course, and has increased my enjoyment of the game while I am out there competing. We are currently working on the full swing and Ryan is trying to help me get my swing 'on plane'. The full swing is one-step backwards, two steps forward, but my ball-striking is improving and with future lessons I am sure I will become more consistent with my full swing.


I have worked with many golf professionals / golf schools over the past 50 years, most of whom I have forgotten. The following are the ones I recall:


University of Minnesota Golf Coach in early 1970's (I believe his name was Les Bolstad?)

Joe Sodd, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Larry Baddour - Medford Oregon

Dave Pelz Short Game School (Napa Valley, CA)

David Lee (Florida) - "Gravity Golf"


While all of these golf instructors were "professional" in the finest sense of that word, Ryan's instruction plan demonstrates his commitment to provide sustainable improvement to his students and deserves your consideration as teacher of the year. Thank you.



To Whom it may concern.

I began working with Ryan in May of this year and along with my wife, continued to have lessons thru August.  Both my wife and I were complete novice golfers and although I had some experience, my wife had barely swung a club before she started her lessons. 


One problem I had with a previous instructor was the difficulty in understanding the technical golf language he used.  Ryan has a style than everyone can work with.  He speaks in plain English and allows you to develop at your own pace. You never feel under any pressurewith Ryan and he is always positive and encouraging.  You develop skills gradually and master them before making further improvements.  Unlike my previous teacher Ryan has a specific program in place that encourages you to make the correct connection with the ball straight from the first lesson.


Since working with Ryan,  we have  both improved dramatically.  In the space of just a few weeks she has gone from barely being able to hit a ball off the ground to hitting 175+ yard tee shots!  He corrected my slice on my drive in an hour and I have taken the principles he has given me to my other clubs and I am very pleased with the results. We are both much more confident at the game and importantly we are both enjoying the game a lot more.


We both know we will continue to improve our golf skills and enjoy the game further.  We would both recommend Ryan as a golf instructor to anybody we know. We will definitely take more lessons with Ryan this year and next.



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